Sampson Research is an economic research and consulting practice founded in 2002. Our services include analysis and evaluation of energy and resource programs, economic and socio-economic impact assessments, and economic development support. Clients include private and public utilities, governments, business associations, and communities. The guiding principle for Sampson Research is to provide research solutions that deliver value and actionable results.
Recent Projects
Energy & Resource Analysis
Research and analysis to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of programs that promote the efficient use of energy and resources.
Economic and socio-economic impact studies to assess the economic implications of industry projects, community events, and government policy initiatives.
Investment preparedness research and evaluation of economic development programming and initiatives.
Economic research that matters to communities and business
Economic Research & Consulting
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Socio-economic impact assessment of a community-level fuel switching initiative.

Fixed effects billing analysis of energy efficient natural gas furnaces.

Economic impact of a small run-of-river hydroelectric facility.

Process evaluation of a direct-install energy-efficient lighting program for small business.

Supply-side and demand-side market assessment of energy-efficient lighting.

Development of a Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) model for a residential behavioural DSM program.
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